H0001 5/8″ Onionskin with Light Mica NM+


One from my private collection. “Peppermint” Onionskin with large flakes of mica throughout the marble. Has a couple small flea bits in the marble near the equator, but are hardly visible to the naked eye. Measures just a bit larger than 5/8″.

If you are interested in this marble please use the form below and click the “Send Marble Request” button. An email will automatically contain the marble id in the subject for the email. I accept PayPal Friends and Family, and CashApp payments. You will receive a follow up email from the email you provide in the contact form. If you are interested in other marbles, just submit the form on page in addition to this one. I will proceed to send you an email with the combined total for all marbles. Feel free to use the contact form for any questions or leave a comment below.

My Grading System


The marble looks like it was just out of the package. Original surface, no damage to be seen.

Mint AMD (Mint As Made Damage)

Marble is in great condition, but contains as made damage. This includes cold rolls and bubble pops. Outside of that the marble is in perfect condition.

NM+ (Near Mint Plus)

The marble has 1-3 flea bites that do not affect the viewing of the marble.

NM (Near Mint)

The marble has 1-3 flea bites and does affect the viewing of the marble.

NM- (Near Mint Minus)

Marble has more than 3 imperfections or a larger hit, but is still in good collectable condition.

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