“AJ” Juliet Wooten
Cutest Marble Collector

Levi Wooten
Baldest Marble Collector

Have you lost your marbles? If so, we can help you find new ones.

The Dream:

Compile an up to date list of all shows planned that is simple to navigate.

Make it simple to find places to buy marbles when a show isn’t happening.

Help guide people to information on how to identify their marbles.

About the Host

My name is Levi Wooten and I have been collecting marbles since 2012. My daughter Juliet is my partner in marble collecting, and has been hooked on collecting marbles since 2018. My primary collection is Peltier, but have found interest in Akro and German Handmades. My daughter really enjoys the onion skins, lutz, and any blue marble. We have attended many shows together and have the honor to host the MID-MO Marble show in Springfield MO. The marble community has become my adopted family over the years, with many of them taking me under their wing to teach me the most they can about marbles and the community. Many give me the tips and trick on running a show and enjoy all the feedback I can get. I’m young, being only born in 1989, but want keep marbles alive and thriving to the many generations to come. I would love to meet you at my show, of feel free to get in contact with me on the contact page.

Even as the popularity of this site grows, I never plan to start running ads to generate income for the site. Posting your show to the page is also free. Donations are accepted at this time on the donate page and all proceeds will exclusively go towards the site maintenance. The site is managed by Wooten Site Design & Revitalization, in which I am the owner operator, thus maintaining a $0 labor cost.

Here’s to a bright future, and I hope that we truly never loose our marbles.

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